Alrighty Now! It’s Time To Watch History

It’s been a long time coming. I didn’t think, frankly, it could be done. What things? I honestly underestitmated America and didn’t think an African-American could be elected. I honestly wasn’t sure that we could end this long national nightmare. We could end the Bush Presidency. I knew that reality.

But could we start over? Could we heal and become the America we always wanted and some of us spent a lifetime trying to achieve? But could we rebirth America?

And now it feels like we are doing just that: rebirthing America. It’s like we are being given a national reboot.

I’ll be watching for history. For myself. For the country. For all of us. No liveblogging today. Just watching. [If anything follow me at my Twitter account. Don’t forget @anamariecox, the one and original wonkette for a different and honest view of DC.]

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