Obama Administration Embraces the Internet

The Obama Administration is embracing the internet, from changes on WhiteHouse.gov to officially tweaking “the name of a White House institution, the Weekly Radio Address,” by announcing that it’s now officially known as “President Barack Obama’s Weekly Video Address.”

President Barack Obama plans to publish a weekly video address every Saturday morning of his presidency,” says the official Web site.

During the transition, Obama taped a weekly video address that his team posted on YouTube to try showcase what supporters call a hipper approach with new forms of media.

And unlike the old radio address, which has traditionally just been a boilerplate report from presidents of each party about an issue in the news, Obama occasionally broke some news himself in the transition reports — recently using it to reveal a new figure for how many jobs he wants to create in his first two years in office.

The new and improved WhiteHouse.gov includes a blog.

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