Time to Ignore Republicans’ Demands

It’s time to “ignore Republicans’ demands about the stimulus plan” and every other issue that they have roadblocked and stonewalled in the past that comes up again. Democrats have the majority and it’s time to get moving on issues that are most important to the American people.

In reacting to last night’s vote in the House on the stimulus plan John Kerry told Politico:

if Republicans aren’t prepared to vote for it, I don’t think we should be giving up things, where I think the money can be spent more effectively.”

“If they’re not going to vote for it, let’s go with a plan that we think is going to work.”

The Massachusetts Democrat and 2004 presidential candidate suggested tossing some of the tax provisions in the stimulus that the GOP requested. “Those aren’t job creators immediately, and even in the longer term they’re not necessarily. We’ve seen that policy for the last eight years,” he said.

Kerry’s right… It’s time to undo the failed policies of the last eight years and move forward. The bipartisan notion that the Republicans would work with the Democrats is a notion, nothing more. Let’s get the job done with or without them.

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