Out Of Iraq in 18 Months

President Barack Obama will take to the podium in a little over an hour to deliver his first State of the Union Address. The big pre-SOTU story tonight is this one from AP News: “Officials: Most troops out of Iraq in 18 months“: AP reports that the Obama administrations’s withdrawal plan, … Continue reading

The GOP vs. Obama (and the American People)

From WaPo, more good poll numbers for Obama: As President Obama prepares to address a joint session of Congress [tonight], he receives strong grades for his first full month in office, as large majorities of Americans support his $787 billion economic stimulus package and the recently unveiled $75 billion plan … Continue reading

On and Off

It’s still snowing and blowing up here in the Downeast. I’ve attempted to start posting on what’s happening in the political realm today, but each time I do our power goes out again. We’ve had a load of heavy snow up here coupled with very strong winds which is wreaking … Continue reading

Winter Storms and Oscar Night

I missed the last half of the Oscars tonight and am finally back online after losing power for about 3 hours due to a decent little winter storm that is blowing through Maine. If I’m not here posting by sometime late in the morning, it’s because we’ve lost power again. The winter … Continue reading