California’s Original Political Progressive Strikes Again

Ah god, I love former California Governor Jerry Brown. He’s currently Attorney General and is running again for Governor. Here’s a news piece from Political Wire:

Jerry Brown (D), who first ran for governor in 1974 as a reformer — and ultimately served two terms — is launching another bid, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“No one would mistake Brown for a new spirit today. At 70, he occupies a prime spot among the elders of California politics. His career has spanned four decades, with three failed tries for the White House along his way up, down and back up the elective ranks. Now, after two years as state attorney general, this Democrat who first ran for office in the era of Janis Joplin and the Beatles is remaking himself yet again.”

He’s expected to face a primary against San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (D) and possibly Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (D).

Most of you don’t know Jerry Brown. I know him well. He is the Original Modern Political Progressive. 1n 1974, he was talking about the same issues we hear so often today: medical care, wind energy, environmentalism, conservationism, government as a force for good and much more.

He was a non-conformist that got elected Governor of California. He moved from Governor to the Mayor of Oakland, a city at that time truly falling apart. After more terms in Oakland than I can count, he ran and won his seat as Attorney General. He ran for President 3 times with a very serious run in 1992. Notice his slogan? Sound familiar?

Now he’s back in the race for the seat he’s held twice and his father Edmund G. “Pat” Brown also held twice. He is already a force in fundraising with $4.1 million raised with just 5% expense. That’s unheard of in modern politics. It shows his popularity in California. Of course the race is just beginning and he’s got real challengers for the primary. He’ll need a lot more than that to win. yet, my money’s on Jerry.

(Governor Pat Brown’s legacy is one that needs to be told someday. He was a force for good and for progress at a time when California needed both.) Here’s the link to Jerry Brown’s offical California state history as Governor. [Notice his wacked out Official Portrait. Wow, he was ahead of his time.] Here’s a very lengthly and detailed history of Jerry Brown from Wikipedia.

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