Obama to Nominate Sen. Judd Gregg for Commerce

Politico reports this morning that President Obama will nominate Sen. Judd Gregg “as the new Commerce secretary Tuesday morning.”

Please count this liberal small business owner as among the not impressed. Judd maybe a fiscal conservative, which I take no issue with, but at one point he actually voted in favor of abolishing the Commerce Department.

Marc Ambinder notes:

As Commerce Secretary, Gregg will help oversee the digital television transition just 14 days away. His main goal, as set out in statuatory language, is “economic growth,” both domestically and for the U.S. overseas.  But Gregg will have a voice in the administration’s roundtables on entitlement reform, on budget discpline, and on deficit reduction — and the administration will probably ask Gregg to take a lead role in selling the administration’s arguments to Congress and the American people.

And David Sirota points out that Gregg who “has built up a record of voting for every single corporate-written trade deal of the last generation – will now be heading the government agency that is supposed to enforce the meager fair trade laws we have on the books, and whatever new fair trade laws get passed.”

Well… I’m not sure what the heck president Obama is thinking, but again I will reiterate, I am not impressed. If Gregg heads Commerce I don’t see it as “change” at all. It looks in some redards like a bid from President Obama to “win more bipartisan support” for the stimulus plan. Stay tuned and hope this nomination won’t ring in “more of the same.”

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