Grassrooters Storm The Hill

While I have some reservations about the newest form of lobbying by people from the grassroots, although most would puke at my accurate description, it’s starting on The Hill.

Community organizers are the new oilmen. For a change, one of them is in the White House. They walk the marble halls of Congress with a certain swagger, as if their backpacks were designer briefcases and their jeans and baggy blazers were tailored pinstripe suits

Good comprehensive story that you should follow up.

[Personal opinion: Anyone who goes our governments most important, impressive, history filled offices in jeans and a backpack should be shot. This is a place of great decorum and traditions. How can you represent yourself as a representative of a District if you look like you just got off the school bus? Want to be effective?

Blend in. Communicate in the non-verbal language of the people you wish to persaude. And that’s just the beginning of effective creation of rapport and communication. <sigh>Look at the photo. Do they look confident, organized and ready to do business with one the 435 most powerful people in the world? Read this book as a beginning education in effective communication. If you don’t communicate effectively you cannot persuade.]
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One Response to Grassrooters Storm The Hill

  1. On the Money says:

    When a world is built on unreality, it takes a while for it to wake up and
    accept the truth of a situation … that such a world no longer exists …