Kerry Attacks Republican Positions, Current and Past

John Kerry lays out the details of how we got in the economic crisis we face today. It is a passionate speech filled with substance that puts today’s stimulus efforts in context.

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6 Responses to Kerry Attacks Republican Positions, Current and Past

  1. Stuart

    Thanks for posting this. As always Kerry tells it like it is.

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  3. John Stone says:

    Pamela is right. As always John Kerry is right on target! The Republicans created the problem and they don’t want to help with the solution. As always the Republicans show that they only care about the rich and they are opposed to anything that helps regular people, minorites, the poor, children and the elderly. Thanks John Kerry!

  4. This is the John Kerry I knew so many years ago. Passionate, on the verge of being loud while restraining himself from radicalism……remember him in pickup truck beds in a old fatigue jacket preaching truth to power.

    I’ve missed that John Kerry, as you know Pamela. I disliked his campaign until the last 3 weeks. Then I saw a slightly quieter fighter I had seen so many years ago. I wish he had howled at the moon speaking , yet again, truth to power.

    Occasionally I see him, the man I knew, surface in public today and he makes better sense than most. This is one of those occasions.

    I know his campaign supporters thought they saw the passionate Kerry I speak about.

    Yet the Kerry I speak about hadn’t been smoothed out by being AG of MA and through so many political functions.

    That John Kerry was so many years ago that most weren’t born or at least out of high school when I saw, met and cheered for him. Too much hair, beat up old jacket, slightly inflammatory truth…he was a sight to behold.

    Best wishes.

  5. John Stone says:

    I worked on John Kerry’s Iowa Caucus Campaign and his Presidential Campaign. It was the best campaign I ever worked on and I have worked on several. I also made some life long friends. This country would be a lot better off if John Kerry had become President and I think he did win. I know that a lot of people know now that Kerry was right and Bush was wrong!
    I always knew it!

  6. Stuart

    I will never understand what you think you didn’t see in Kerry in ’04 because the passion has always been there, the speaking the truth has always been there and it still is.

    You can’t hold a person to a vision you remember of their youth and expect them to have not grown wiser and more tempered. But passion, like the passion that Kerry holds for truth and justice never dies.