The Devil Is In The Details

Across America more and more people are cutting back on meals and then finally when desperation and gnawing hunger set in, they are swallowing their pride and applying for food stamps.

Many struggling families with children also rely on the school nutrition programs to ensure that their children get meals while they are school. The much debates stimulus package will cut “$98 million for school nutrition” when passed, leaving many needy and hungry children to struggle with hunger pangs while they’re in class trying to learn.

Many of the cuts to the stimulus package are from “reasonable uses of government funds,” as Brad DeLong points out. Looking at the long list of cuts, it’s clear to see the devil is in the details of the 778 page package.

At this point while no one seems to agree on details of the package, the consensus from many economists is that “time is of the essence,” in pushing this through Congress and getting the bill on President Obama’s desk to sign.

Most of the things in the package, the big dollar amounts, are things that are pretty quick stimulus and need to be done,” said Alice Rivlin, who was former president ’s budget director and who criticized aspects of the proposed stimulus in congressional testimony two weeks ago. “Is it a perfect package? Of course not. But we’re past that. Let’s just do it.”

Somehow the House and the will need to come to terms with the differences between their two packages before the final bill finds it way to the president’s desk. Meanwhile, the hungry in America will remain hungry. The jobless will still be out of work. And the despair of those struggling to hold on to what they worked so hard for, will continue.

The devil is all in the details. Only time will tell if the details will really help those who need it most. I’d like to think it will. I am however dubious.

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