Leahy Calls for Investigation of Bush Admin

Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judicary Committee, is calling for a “comprehensive investigation” to be launched into the “conduct of the Bush administration.” Leahy said, “anything less would prevent the country from moving forward.”

Speaking at a forum at Georgetown University, the Vermont Democrat suggested the creation of a truth and reconciliation commission to uncover the “misdeeds” of the past eight years.

“Many Americans feel we need to get to the bottom of what went wrong,” said Leahy. “I agree. We need to be able to read the page before we turn the page.”

Thank you Senator Leahy. I am one of those Americans who feels we need to look into the wrongs commited by the Bush administration.

A Bush-era “truth commission” that would be “formed by both Congress and the White House,” would be a great start to setting the truth into motion after the long, ugly reign of the Bush cabal. After all, there is a host of issues to investigate including the lies that led to the Iraq War, the firing of several U.S. attorneys by the Justice Department, the Defense Department’s filming of Iraq War protestors, the policies that led to torture, and well, the list just goes on and on.

President Obama doesn’t seem to keen on investigating the Bush administration despite his response to Sam Stein of the HuffPo last night that “Nobody is above the law.” Let’s hope the pressure stays on the Obama administration to do the right thing. Right now there’s not much faith that they will given the fact that the Obama administration announced yesterday that “it would keep the same position as the Bush Administration in the lawsuit Mohamed et al v Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc..”

ACLU director, Anthony D. Romero, said in a statement, “This is not change. This is definitely more of the same. Candidate Obama ran on a platform that would reform the abuse of state secrets, but President Obama’s Justice Department has disappointingly reneged on that important civil liberties issue. If this is a harbinger of things to come, it will be a long and arduous road to give us back an America we can be proud of again.”

Bring on the Truth Commission. With this turn of events, in the eyes of many progressives, Obama is not off to a “very good start.”

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