Barney Frank’s Committee Beating Up The Bankers (Live Video)

They just taken a 20 break for votes, it’s 11.24am pacific, and I don’t know if the embedded feed will pick up the live feed I was watching on MSNBC (Internet…not TV). I’ve NEVER seen House members treat witnesses with such disdain and disgust. These exec’s are getting the hell beat out of them. Period. That’s the only way to describe it. If this embed doesn’t go live in a few minutes then switch to MSNBC VIDEO for the live feed.

This is better than any TV show, well maybe not better than The Beast, but close. The Committee hearing is one helluva lot more important. If I find they’ve changed feeds I’ll post the new one here.

[UPDATE] MSNBC has killed the live feed from the committee room as no action is happening. Check back in 30 minutes. I’ll repost the video feed and we’ll see if we can get MSNBC’s live feed ported over to the DemDaily.
[UPDATE 2] I am highly disappointed that cut away from the banking hearing to Harry Reid’s announcement of an agreement on the conference bill then ended coverage of the hearing. If it starts again….I assume ours will start as well. If I find a full copy of the hearing I will post it later. They were getting to a key issue that the committee doesn’t know how to ask the question correctly. I’ve 29 years in real estate and politics and I’ve been in touch with Mr. Rose in Barney Frank’s office. We’ll see if he gives a damn enough to return my call. I doubt it. They think they know the subject and I guarantee they don’t know how to put these executive’s on the spot.

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