Harkin: ‘We need the Fairness Doctrine back’

Via Politico, Senator Tom Harkin discussing the “Fairness Doctrine” with Bill Press:

The conservatives are not at all in favor of this. I am. I believe we need to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine.”

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3 Responses to Harkin: ‘We need the Fairness Doctrine back’

  1. Stephen says:

    This is why “liberals” get such a bad name. I refuse to compromise the values of the Constitution for political gain. I am disgusted that my fellow Democrats would stand up for this kind of blatant censorship. I didn’t like censorship in the Democratic Party when they were trying to censor music in the 80s. It makes us no better than Republicans, who want to censor naked breasts on works of art, censor scientific reports, and censor dissent. You make me sick.

  2. Stephen

    In terms of having equal voices on the airwaves, I do feel there could be some validity to something along the lines of a fairness doctrine, perhaps not the actual fairness doctrine itself. If conservative voices are dominating the airwaves then that is a type of censorship too, is it not?

  3. Montojie says:

    If conservative voices dominate the airwaves it’s because they have listeners. You can call those listeners stupid, if you want, but advertisers want them. It is NOT censorship when people turn off your station because they don’t want to listen to your views and instead turn to Limbaugh. So the answer is no, it’s not a type of censorship.