Larry Sabato Sees Dim Chance of Republican Success in 2010

He’s one of the best political prognosticators in the business, and, peering into his Crystal Ball, Sabato sees more Senate gains for the Democrats next year: Remarkably, even after losing six net Senate seats in 2006 and another seven or eight (pending the Minnesota resolution) in 2008, the GOP still … Continue reading

Kerry to Head New Communications & Tech Subcommittee

Senator John Kerry has been named to head a  new Communications and Technology Subcommittee of Senate Commerce Committee by Commerce Committee Chairman Senator Jay Rockefeller. Broadcasting & Cable News notes that Kerry “would likely not be the media’s top pick for oversight of their industry.” “There’s a huge agenda on our plates, … Continue reading

Senators Seek Answers on Troops’ Chemical Exposure

The Houston Chronicle reported on Wednesday that almost “six years after American troops were exposed to a toxic chemical at an Iraqi water treatment plant, two U.S. senators say the Army has yet to give a full accounting of a defense contractor’s apparent failure to protect troops from the chemical.” Democratic … Continue reading

Prayers go out tonight for Flight 3407 in Buffalo for the victims & families

50 killed as plane slams into home near Buffalo: Story is tragic and comes at a time just celebrating a great aviation feat just weeks ago. If they were just puddle jumping home most of your victims will be local which will make this crash that much more heartfelt. Talked … Continue reading