Stimulus Passes, Heads to Obama

The stimulus bill has passed in the House and the Senate and will now head to President Obama’s desk to be signed. So much for bi-partisanship… not one House Republican supported the bill.  

The vote in the House was 246 to 183, with just 7 Democrats joining all 176 Republicans in opposition. In the Senate, the vote of 60 to 38 was similarly partisan. Only three centrist Republicans joined 55 Democrats and two independents in favor. […]

President Obama is expected to sign the bill during a public ceremony Monday.

Senator Arlen Specter, who broke ranks with the Republicans in the Senate noted that his “more of his colleagues would have joined were they not afraid of the political consequences.” The “consequences” should be making sure that these idiots lose in their next election. That’s it, in a nutshell. They are a bunch of cowards who don’t give a damn about the American people.

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2 Responses to Stimulus Passes, Heads to Obama

  1. leather says:

    Stimulus sucks
    Ok America from what I can see and everything I read the new stimulus package doesn’t do a f*king thing for the American people what the f*k is an extra 13 dollars a week on your paycheck gonna do if youre already making a hell of a lot less money than you made last year I know I made 25000 dollars less this yr than I made last year so you tell me what the f*k good is 13 dollars oh they raised unemployment well how the f*k is that going to help the ones whos boss keeps them working just enough to not collect unemployment yea sure youre working but you are making probably less then the people on unemployment casue they don’t have to buy gas to goto work oh and if you are a first time home buyer you get something well what about those of us who have homes and cant barely afford to keep them what are they doing for us nothing so you see this package is just a bull sh*t front for people in Washington to look out for theselves well I say f*k them all if you want to make a stand then you need to do something about it America I say lets bring these c**ks**kers in Washington to their knees where all c**k s**kers belong the American people need to boycott banks and quit paying their mortgages the only way this will work is everyone sticks together and doesn’t pay their mortgage payment I bet if we didn’t pay the payments for just one month it could bring these c**k s**kers in washintgton and the banks to there knees begging us to shoot them I wouldn’t p** on one of them sons a b**ches if they were on fire and begging for it


  2. Dr. Zhivblago says:

    Well, except for the ‘colorful language’, I agree.

    What I don’t get is that with all those people up there, they can’t find a more precise, surgical way to attack this problem, and maybe without (I know, quite a concept coming up here)…spending ANY of the taxpayer’s money at all?

    Watching the movie Wall Street again today reminded me that these corporate shenanigans have been going on for quite a while…oh, and the bail outs (remember the savings & loans mess back in the ’80s?).

    In particular the part when Gordon Gecko is addressing stockholders and pointing out that the dozens of CEOs had no real stake in their own company and could parachute out at any time.

    If there was any regulation beyond sheer crookedness, I’d suggest that company officers get bonuses and parachutes in the form of stock. If their company does badly, they feel the pain and vice versa.

    But, the major problem recently is the Barney Frank, Fannie/Freddie/CRE Communist-induced mess. Of course the Republicans weren’t going to go against it. Advocating not giving pofolk a few points under prime for a few years so they can enjoy the American Dream would certainly not have been realistic policy.