Stimulus Signed, Go Out and Spend?

President Obama has signed the Stimulus Bill and the hope is that putting the plan into action will jumpstart the economy and bring some relief to recession weary Americans. Word has it that President Obama has also readied “a new $50 billion foreclosure rescue for legions of Americans who are in … Continue reading

Is It Time for Burris to Go?

Is it time for Senator Roland Burris to go? Just when we thought the whole Burris/Blago spectacle might be over, there are new revelations and Burris is now coming clean, admitting that he did seek “to raise campaign funds for then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich at the request of the governor’s brother at the … Continue reading

Dick’s Last Ditch

In the final days of the Bush presidency, Dick Cheney apparently lost his Svengali hold over Bush. The Daily News reports that Cheney “launched a last-ditch campaign to persuade his boss to pardon Lewis (Scooter) Libby – and was furious when President George W. Bush wouldn’t budge.”   In multiple conversations, both … Continue reading

Tuesday Morning Blues and News

California for all intents and purposes is in the toilet economically speaking. Things have gone from bad to worse out there, as Governor Schwarzenegger is now preparing to send out 20,000 pink slips. That will leave many more Californians singing the blues. If there’s any bright news at all coming … Continue reading