Obama Unveils Plan to Fight Home Foreclosures

Moving right along, on the bailout/stimulus efforts from the Obama administration, President Obama unveiled a $75 billion plan today geared to help millions of “homeowners refinance their mortgages or avert foreclosure.” The initiative Obama said  “would shore up distressed housing prices, stabilize neighborhoods and slow a downward spiral that he said was ‘unraveling … Continue reading

GM Wants More Bailout

On Tuesday after President Obama signed the stimulus bill, General Motors and Chrysler jumped up and asked the federal government for another another $14 billion in bailout funds. In return for more bailout from the goverment, both companies “promised to make further drastic cuts to all parts of their operations, … Continue reading

Pilot Error In Buffalo….A Sad Conclusion

From the Wall Street Journal: Investigators examining last week’s Continental Connection plane crash have gathered evidence that pilot commands — not a buildup of ice on the wings and tail — likely initiated the fatal dive of the twin-engine Bombardier Q400 into a neighborhood six miles short of the Buffalo, … Continue reading

Roland Burris Must Resign

With investigations underway in Illinois, an ethics probe launched in the Senate, and more and more evidence that he’s a lying, corrupt scoundrel, it is indeed time for Roland Burris to resign. The Washington Post From the moment that Mr. Burris was selected, he strove to portray himself as a … Continue reading