North Dakota Bans Abortion

Well, not really. Or, not yet.

The state’s House of Representatives has, by a margin of 51-41, voted “to declare that a fertilized egg has all the rights of any person,” according to local KXNet. In other words, the House has effectively voted to ban abortion, given that abortion would be murder. The bill now moves to the Senate.

Bill sponsor Dan Ruby — a Republican, of course — claims that the legislation is compatible with Roe v. Wade, in that it contains “the exact language that’s required by Roe,” specifically by “[identifying] when life begins.”

Ruby, apparently, is insane. Even if the bill passes the Senate, even if it is eventually signed into law, there will be extensive litigation. Anything is possible with a right-leaning SCOTUS, of course, but, based on Roe (which, lest we forget, grants abortion rights and is not, and is not meant to be, some existential determination of when exactly life begins), the law would be struck down.

Because — if I may offer my own politico-existential take on the matter — a fertilized egg is simply not a human life. It may have the potential for human life, but it is hardly a being that deserves, and requires, the same rights as any living person, or that needs to be protected like a late-term fetus.

(For more on the North Dakota bill, see my friend and colleague Jazz Shaw over at TMV.)

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