What Peter Said

Peter Daou is on the money with this: “Why on Earth Are Democrats Legitimizing and Empowering Rush Limbaugh?

In a nutshell, Peter points out, expanding Rush’s profile and platform, is “bad for the country and it’s bad politics.”

Limbaugh and his cohorts (Coulter, Hannity, Beck, Savage, and so on), are largely responsible for our toxic political environment. Given major media platforms to launch crude and brutal political and cultural attacks, to demonize liberals, and to use rage as a means of lining their own pockets, these ‘entertainers’ have poisoned our national discourse.

It’s a serious mistake to feed the Republican “machine” and go toe to toe with Limbaugh. Empowering Limbaugh and friends only feeds the beast. We need not feed the beast.

UPDATE: And here’s a valid question on the topic that we need not discuss: “if Rush runs the GOP, does Michael Moore head the Dems?


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