Los Angeles: Villaraigosa Reelected

Although I am no longer living in Los Angeles, I am happy to read this morning that L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was reelected for a second four-year term in yesterday’s election there. I’ve been a supporter of Villaraigosa since I first met him in 2003 at a John Kerry campaign event. He has an ambitious agenda for the city of Los Angeles:

Villaraigosa is more than two-thirds of the way toward his goal of hiring 1,000 additional police officers. The mayor also is attempting to replace as many as 17,000 older diesel trucks at the Port of Los Angeles and reach his goal of ensuring that 20% of the power at the DWP comes from renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy.

Villaraigosa is said to regularly deflect “questions about a gubernatorial bid, saying only that he loves being the mayor of the nation’s second-largest city.”

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