A New Concept: ‘The American Brain Trust’

While I have written one article that actually matured and gave birth to this concept, I haven’t written much in public. I’m going to reprint the original article tonight or tomorrow and then, over the next few days, flesh out my current vision. We, as Americans, have a tremendous ability to overcome when we unite. ‘The American Brain Trust’ is designed to tap that pool of ability and intelligence.

Tomorrow or later tonight watch for the original article that started it all.


[the original article is at Polcampaign]

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One Response to A New Concept: ‘The American Brain Trust’

  1. PEACE says:

    COMPREHENSIVE PEACE ! Cool concept on the move by Clinton and Obama ! Isreal and Syria reveal peace talks in Turkey relations. Comprehensive Peace globally is a concept as Americans we need to wrap our brains around and trust we can support to happen. Haven’t heard the details and specific’s but love the sound of it all.