Bill Maher and T. Boone Pickens (Video)

Worth Watching.

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6 Responses to Bill Maher and T. Boone Pickens (Video)

  1. John Stone says:

    I watched the video and I was glad that Maher got to the issue of Pickens and his support of Bush in 2000 and 2004. Sorry, but I still don’t trust Pickens.

  2. Mark Palmer says:

    Leave it up to Maher to completly screw up an interview with someone who is attempting to do some good. Pickens said that EVERYONE that is elected says they will move from energy independance. Bush said it, Clinton said it, etc. None of them have made this happen. Pickens plan is pretty simple and is a grass roots effort to stop the enormous amounts of weath this country is transfering to the middle east. That should have been the message but Maher, in all his self absorbed glory, F’ed it up. Nice job Billy.

  3. Teriss says:

    T.Boone Pickens did not get to be a billionaire by being stupid or benevolent -he will make a fortune from wind and solar energy or he would not be in the business. What he does know is the days of oil consumption are numbered-helped along the way by the destruction of the big three automakers who have not made efficient cars.

    T. Boone Pickens is smooth- he is becoming all bi-partisan all of a sudden -embracing the green energy force that is the only solution to global warming. What bugs his craw is that we are so beholding to foreign countries when we could produce our own.
    T. Boone Pickens is so contradicting himself- he does not help the real cause.
    Maher just grilled him good on the fine points of sincerity and ulterior motives.

  4. Erin says:

    When it comes down to it T Boone Pickens isn’t trying to do something good, he’s trying to make money. It’s pretty obvious that there’s a need for a green solution to oil, and he’s jumping on that wagon cause that’s where the money will be in a few years–not because he’s passionate about becoming energy independent.

  5. Quizno says:

    So maybe Pickens is not as altruistic as he seems:

    “Pickens hopes that his recent $100 million investment in 200,000 acres worth of groundwater rights in Roberts County, Texas, located over the Ogallala Aquifer, will earn him $1 billion. But there’s more to earning such a profit than simply acquiring the water. Rights-of-way must be purchased to install pipelines, and opposition from anti-development environmental groups must be overcome. Here’s where it gets interesting, according to information compiled by the Water Research Group, a small grassroots group focusing on local water issues in Texas.

    Purchasing rights-of-way is often expensive and time-consuming — and what if landowners won’t sell? While private entities may be frustrated, governments can exercise eminent domain to compel sales. This is Pickens’ route of choice. But wait, you say, Pickens is not a government entity. How can he use eminent domain? Are you sitting down?

    At Pickens’ behest, the Texas legislature changed state law to allow the two residents of an 8-acre parcel of land in Roberts County to vote to create a municipal water district, a government agency with eminent domain powers. Who were the voters? They were Pickens’ wife and the manager of Pickens’ nearby ranch. And who sits on the board of directors of this water district? They are the parcel’s three other non-resident landowners, all Pickens’ employees.

    A member of a local water conservation board told Bloomberg News that, “[Pickens has] obtained the right of eminent domain like he was a big city. It’s supposed to be for the public good, not a private company.”

    What’s this got to do with Pickens’ wind-power plan? Just as he needs pipelines to sell his water, he also needs transmission lines to sell his wind-generated power. Rights of way for transmission lines are also acquired through eminent domain — and, once again, the Texas legislature has come to Pickens’ aid.

    Earlier this year, Texas changed its law to allow renewable energy projects (like Pickens’ wind farm) to obtain rights-of-way by piggybacking on a water district’s eminent domain power. So Pickens can now use his water district’s authority to also condemn land for his future wind farm’s transmission lines.”

  6. Chris in Charleston, SC says:

    Regardless of whether you trust Boone Pickens or not he’s absolutely right that there is a problem, and his numbers are spot on. We’re sending 600+ Billion dollars out of our country and economy annually spent to foreign oil. That’s more than 80% of the CASH VALUE of the economic stimulus package passed into law that is going other countries coffers on a YEARLY basis!

    This issue isn’t about Boone Pickens, or whether he stands to benefit personally from the success of wind, solar and natural gas based energy development in our country. It’s about our ability to stand on our own two feet as a nation, and use that 600+B dollars we’re shipping overseas to our own purposes. That money could do so much good for us here at home, and every time we pump a gallon of gas, we’re sending 67% of that dollar value we see on the “Sale Price” display overseas.

    I think Mr. Pickens has a good, solid point and a decent plan. If he stands to make some money on it, so be it. This is America, and those that lead the way often earn a payout….but don’t tell me we’re going to ignore his message because he’s wealthy and been successful a time or two, or that we’re going with the status-quo-ante because nobody else has a better idea!