MIT Found OBL Using Unrelated Technologies?

On The Rachel Maddow show in Feb 17, 2009 she had a overwhelmingly fascinating long interview with Professor Gillespie of MIT about the use of unrelated technologies to find Osama Bin Laden.

This is sort of like watching ‘Numb3rs’ on CBS where most of the crimes are solved using mathematics. This time the Professor and his team from MIT are using “The Application of Biogeographic Theories and Satellite Imagery”. It is a relatively complicated topic but his original paper 17 paper, published in the MIT Review is available in .pdf form here.

Here’s one of the most fascinating interview of the last few years. She gets to him about 3 minutes into her report. Great viewing.

PS: When you see Rachel Maddow get all excited about wonky things like maps, theory and infrastructure remember she’s an Oxford scholar! This is one smart woman.

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