Congressman Michaud Holds Town Hall Conference Call

I’ve been busy since I got back from my trip down to Massachusetts and haven’t hhad a chance to post all day. I was on way upstairs to the computer when I received a phone call inviting me to join a Town Hall Conference Call with my local Rep., Congressman Mike Michaud.

As a new resident of Eastport, Maine I found the call to be very informative on local issues here in Maine. As a blogger and liberal activist I was glad to see that Congressman Michaud was using this type of reach out to get constituents involved in the process.

Michaud took quite a few very good questions on issues that include veterans healthcare, the stimulus package, energy, transportation¬†and infrastructure, President Obama’s new budget and a lot more.

All in all, I thought it was a great call that covered a good number of questions from constituents in Michaud’s district and Michaud’s answers were concise and to the point.

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