Newt vs. Rush

I really don’t like giving the pompous, full of nothing but hot air bag, Rush Limbaugh any space on this blog, however I did find it amusing that Newt Gingrich stepped up today to be the latest Republican to take him on. And, as to be expected… Rush shot back at Newt. Clearly the Republican party is in a state… of denial or something, and totally and completely lacking any sort of leadership.

Let’s hope they keep up this sideshow until they completely self-destruct.

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One Response to Newt vs. Rush

  1. SBO says:


    The current status of the Republican Party isn’t much different than that of the Democrats in 2000.

    It takes more than one party – debate is healthy for a representative republic.

    The problem is that the overwhelming majority of our political history has been dominated by only a two-party system. Obama was a very weak candidate, who won the vote simply on a vote of “no confidence” of the Republican Party. If a strong 3rd party candidate had existed, Obama would be back in the Senate, voting for more pork for the State of Illinois.

    Trust me on this, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will do their damage to the Democratic Party, and the Republicans will rise again. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the Democrats aren’t above the fray.

    We need (and deserve) a better alternative…