Stephanopoulos and McCaskill Twitter

Twitter has been getting quite a bit of hype in the media lately. It’s been embraced by journalists, bloggers and politicians as a short and sweet way to communicate. Today, Glenn Thrush writes on Politico:

George Stephanopoulos is grilling Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in a language she can understand — Tweet.

GS: @clairecmc Hey Senator, George here. On This Week, you signaled support for omnibus (great to have you btw) What changed?18 minutes ago from web in reply to clairecmc

CM: Ultimately just couldn’t do it. Not just earmrks tho, also increase in spendng(8%too much)& failure to reconcile $ with stimuls

McCaskill has about 15,000 Twitter followers; Stephanopoulos about 133,000.

I Twitter, but I’m not all gushy about it like some folks are. There are only so many hours in the day, I’ve got an business and 3 blogs to watch over… Who has time to Tweet and follow all their followers? That’s what I want to know?

I think Twitter is great new tool in online communications, but it is “just a tool.” I still vastly prefer reading a blog or news story. Twitter hasn’t changed online communication, it’s like text messaging in my opinion. Short & sweet or whatever… I’ve said my piece here, so now when published, I’ll Twitter it to make sure my followers know, I like the tool too.

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