Hardball: Chris Matthews vs Ari Fleischer

It’s hard work… defending Bush:


Chris Matthews managed to ridicule “George W. Bush for leaving office with one of the lowest presidential approval ratings in the nation’s history, for creating an economic mess that President Obama had to clean up, and for leading a foreign policy based on “truly frightening” rationales.”

Whew that was some serious fireworks there… Shoulda grabbed some popcorn.

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2 Responses to Hardball: Chris Matthews vs Ari Fleischer

  1. I consider myself pretty inured to to cable news hyperbole, but this interview really grabbed my attention. I swear, if they were in the same studio this would have come to blows.

  2. It seems to me that Chris Matthews took the brunt of the beating. He came across as shrill – trying to talk over Fleischer and also putting words into his mouth. I am surprised (actually, I am not surprised) that this is receiving so little coverage and biased coverage whereas the John Stewart vs. Jim Cramer segment is getting widely covered. Incidentally, it is interesting that almost no coverage of the Stewart/Cramer tiff mentions that Cramer was a big and early supporter of Obama’s.