An AIG Employee Speaks

An AIG employee, not one who got a bonus, but just an average everyday 9 – 5 employee, submitted an essay to MSNBC about working for AIG. It’s an interesting read. It has to be tough for the little folks working for ‘The most hated company in America.’

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One Response to An AIG Employee Speaks

  1. Pan Metron says:

    There was also a resignation letter in the NYT, from an executive in the Financial Products Division:

    It’s really a shame that this whole thing has been so terribly mis-managed and been used as fuel for such hypocritical pontificating in D.C. Neither the outrage in Congress nor the mock-outrage in the White House is justified; there were so many hands in that pie. Where’s the outrage at the 100,000 of AIG donations to Obama, or to Dodd? Or the trillions that are being flushed away with no oversight, of which the bonus fiasco is just a tiny (if blatant) example?

    At least two (bipartisan) Senators – Wyden and Snowe – had enough foresight to try and head off the firestorm and do something measured and rational about it:

    I don’t know who bugs me more – the hypocritical White House who shut down the Wyden/Snowe bill and then pretended they didn’t know about it, or the power-mad House for slamming through a stimulus bill no one had time to vet or read, then rabidly overreacting with a 90% punitive tax (which is a terrible precedent for any government, in any circumstances, especially just to cover their own screw-up). To top it all off there was the rude, hypocritical auto da fe of Libby, who was cooperating after all and only doing his job.

    This is not, on the whole, change I can believe in.