Spring Donation Drive

In the midst of the economic mess America is in, I find myself reaching out to readers to ask something I rarely ask for here: Donations to keep us afloat. Ad revenue has dropped considerably due to the economy and our web hosting yearly bill is due in a few days. If … Continue reading

President Obama, You’re No Socialist

Guest Post: By BERRY CRAIG Sometimes, people unintentionally define themselves by what they call others. Take Republicans who say Barack Obama is a “socialist.” It just shows how far right-wing they are. They pinned the “socialist” or “socialistic” label on the president when he was a candidate last year. Their … Continue reading

The GOP Has a Budget Plan

The GOP has a budget plan. What’s in it? Apparently not much: The Republican budget proposal does not say how much money they would raise, or spend. Perhaps they might figure that out after they finish arguing over it. Good luck with that.