Effort Launched to Recall Schwarzenegger

San Bernadino County resident, Edwin Snell has launched an effort to recall Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Top Of The Ticket reports that Snell “has garnered the 50 necessary signatures for a notice of intent to circulate a recall petition against the governor.”

That announcement came today from California Secretary of State Debra Bowen.

According to Snell’s filing with the state, complete with errors in grammar and punctuation, “Arnold Schwarzenegger does no longer represent the interest of the people and has betrayed the trust of the voters. Schwarzenegger initiatives on prisons, water and the environment has been a complete disaster.”

Last year, California prison guards launched an attempt to recall Schwarzenegger, but then dropped it.

Snell has set up a website to recall Arnold and a “number of officials, including Republican Assemblyman Anthony Adams of Hesperia, who supported tax increases in the recent state budget deal.” Top Of The Ticket notes that downloadable petitions will be available on the website soon.

Although I am no longer a California resident, I think it’s high time someone did this. In my opinion, Arnold Schwarzenegger has never had the interest of the people of California at heart and he betrayed their trust from the moment he was sworn in.

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