Health Insurers Blacklist Those with Certain Ailments

Via a tip sent to me by email… Just another reason why we need universal healthcare: Insurers shun those taking certain meds. Trying to buy health insurance on your own and have gallstones? You’ll automatically be denied coverage. Rheumatoid arthritis? Automatic denial. Severe acne? Probably denied. Do you take metformin, … Continue reading

Torture Produced False Leads

The WaPo has a 4 page expose today on the fact that the waterboarding and “rough interrogation of Abu Zubaida produced false leads.” It’s really quite a read: When CIA officials subjected their first high-value captive, Abu Zubaida, to waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods, they were convinced that they had … Continue reading

Ending Booms and Busts

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner made the Sunday talk show rounds this morning discussing the economic “mess”, the AIG bonus debacle and “his plan to involve private investors in the government’s effort to help banks clean up their “toxic assets.”’ Geithner had been under fire of late and had become the … Continue reading