Tea Bags Full of Crap

On Countdown yesterday, David Schuster, sitting in for Keith Olbermann, took “Fox News to task for so aggressively promoting the right wing’s anti-Obama tea parties,” and he “pointed out that ‘tea bagging is not a spontaneous uprising.'” Watch:


Dave Johnson has a very informative post on Seeing The Forest: “A Warning About The Tea Parties.”

I also highly recommend reading Joan Walsh on Salon: “Party like it’s 1995!

In a nutshell, the bottom line is this, those tea bags and Tea Parties are all full of crap. Don’t drink the kool-aid or the tea.

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One Response to Tea Bags Full of Crap

  1. John Stone says:

    I agree about the Tea Parties. The one in Mason City, Iowa is organized by a Right Wing Looney that loves to spout venom and hate. He said Bush spent too much, but he still loves the guy. They forget that the spending of Obama and the Democrats is to straighten out the mess caused by George Bush and his neo-cons, to keep working people from going over the cliff. Of course they don’t care about anyone but the elite rich country club Republicans.