Kerry to Chair Commerce Committee Hearing on Future of Journalism

Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet, will hold a hearing on May 6, to address the issues threatening the news media. It will be the first hearing since Commerce Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) appointed Kerry to lead the Subcommittee panel. The hearing will address recession’s impact on media and as well as discuss the future of journalism.

“An independent news media is vital to our democracy,” said Sen. Kerry. “It holds power accountable while giving voice to the people and interests who might otherwise never be heard. The history of our Republic is inextricably linked to the narrative of our free and independent press, yet today, America’s newspapers are struggling just to stay afloat. I called this hearing to directly address a problem that for too long has had us turning the other way. Whatever the model for the future, we must do all we can to ensure a diverse and independent news media endures.”

The Boston Globe has more… And speaking of John Kerry, he is scheduled to visit USA TODAY’s Washington bureau tomorrow and they are taking questions: “What would you ask Sen. John Kerry?

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One Response to Kerry to Chair Commerce Committee Hearing on Future of Journalism

  1. John Stone says:

    I trust John Kerry to handle this well!