Kentucky Democrats think Bunning is beatable

Kentucky Democrats are abuzz over their party’s chances to grab Sen. Jim Bunning’s seat next year. “Bunning is widely considered the most vulnerable incumbent of the cycle,” wrote John McArdle in Roll Call. The Kentucky senate race will doubtless attract national attention next year. It’s big news when a Republican … Continue reading

Settling In

Note to readers: I’ve been spending the past few days settling in from my move… again. I’m done now, with the moving that is. I’m settling in, in the Newburyport, Massachusetts area, where I grew up, after a little over 19 years away.  It’s good to be home. There’s an irony in … Continue reading

Iran,Pakistan and Afghanistan in Regional Potential Agreement To Fight Taliban and More

Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan have begun serious talks on a regional effort to militarily combat Islamist extremism, terrorism and the Taliban in their joint countries.This is the second meeting in one month on this topic and economic issues confronting the region. Those talks include the growing heroin trade estimated to … Continue reading

Olbermann Steps Up And Donates $10,000 To Veteran Organization

As a result of Eric ‘Mancow’ Muller’s willingness to actually put his life where his mouth had been for years, namely being watertortured, Olbermann made a pledge to donate $10,000 to Veterans of Valor . Olbermann also dismissed Sean Hannity who had been dodging and denying that he had ever … Continue reading