Kentucky Democrats think Bunning is beatable

Kentucky Democrats are abuzz over their party’s chances to grab Sen. Jim Bunning’s seat next year. “Bunning is widely considered the most vulnerable incumbent of the cycle,” wrote John McArdle in Roll Call. The Kentucky senate race will doubtless attract national attention next year. It’s big news when a Republican senator seems to be in big trouble in a Red State. Bunning is also feuding with the GOP Senate minority leader, who happens to be Kentucky’s senior U.S. senator. Once allies, Bunning and Sen. Mitch McConnell have become “Kentucky’s latest version of the Hatfields and McCoys,” according to the Louisville Courier-Journal, the state’s largest newspaper. Bunning claims McConnell wants him to bow out, evidently because McConnell thinks Bunning will lose. … Continue reading

Murder Most Foul in Kansas

Do you see how important it is that we frame our speech precisely? If we say it one way, there is no excuse. But, stated the way it now stands, it almost seems (if your views run that way) that Paul Hill might have a case for shooting two unarmed men in the back with a shotgun. (How noble!) — HW, 1995 Andrew Sullivan provides the most elegant (in the mathematical sense) lede: The abortionist, George Tiller, was shot to death … in a Wichita church this morning. It was the culmination of a campaign of domestic terrorism against him … Or, here is one of the initial reports:

Greed Is Not Good

In the wake of the recession and what many hope is the end of the greed era on Wall Street, many of the new crop of future business leaders graduating from the Harvard Business School next week, “will be taking a new oath that says, in effect, greed is not good.” Nearly 20 percent of the graduating class have signed “The M.B.A. Oath,” a voluntary student-led pledge that the goal of a business manager is to “serve the greater good.” It promises that Harvard M.B.A.’s will act responsibly, ethically and refrain from advancing their “own narrow ambitions” at the expense of others. Good on them…   We need more ethics and less greed.

Cheeseburger and Fries… A Day In the Life of the Prez

President Barack Obama took a lunchtime excursion to Five Guys  Burgers today in the midst of NBC News and Brian Williams filming a “day-in-the-life” documentary about the Obama White House. Needless to say the  outing has been catching lot’s of buzz in the news and the sphere. That day in the life included a motorcade departure a 12:42 p.m., with one NBC camera crew catching the walk to the car and another on the other side of the limo. The burger-cade arrived at Five Guys at 12:51 p.m., a few blocks from Nationals Stadium. Obama, in shirtsleeves, approached the counter, scanned the posted menu and started ordering. Aides Reggie Love and Marvin Nicholson slipped him various requests. At one point, Obama brought … Continue reading

Texting Issues

I’m not a fan of texting. It’s a time consuming distraction that can cause accidents and even take lives. I haven’t had a cell phone for a few months now and I am not missing it one bit. Even when I did have a cell phone I rarely used the text feature. The NY Times has a piece on texting and the toll it may be taking on teen’s lives: They do it late at night when their parents are asleep. They do it in restaurants and while crossing busy streets. They do it in the classroom with their hands behind their back. They do it so much their thumbs hurt. […] The phenomenon is beginning to worry physicians and … Continue reading

Settling In

Note to readers: I’ve been spending the past few days settling in from my move… again. I’m done now, with the moving that is. I’m settling in, in the Newburyport, Massachusetts area, where I grew up, after a little over 19 years away.  It’s good to be home. There’s an irony in all of this moving for me… I left Massachusetts when the economy tanked under Bush Sr, 20 years ago. 20 years later, I’m back where I started, thanks to the economic mess Bush Jr helped facilitate.