Endangered Species?

Has the Republican Party become an endangered species?

Polls suggest that only one-fourth of the electorate considers itself Republican, that independents are trending Democratic and that as few as five states have solid Republican pluralities. And the electorate is getting less white, less rural, less Christian — in short, less demographically Republican.

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One Response to Endangered Species?

  1. John Stone says:

    Yes, I think that for now the Republicans are endangered . I hope it stays that way! They are still preaching fear and hate. With the little tour last week of Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, it is easy to tell that they don’t know even know how far out of touch they are. Criticizing Obama’s choice of mustard on a hamburger. I remember when they criticized John Kerry about a choice of cheese. The Republicans don’t know what is going on and people finally woke up to that fact!