Much Ado About Wanda

Did you watch Wanda Sykescomedic performance ” at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday night?

She was a hoot! Absolutely hysterical. I enjoyed every minute of it. But you know, you can’t please everyone and as usual, on cue, some people are offended. Some people think Wanda “crossed the line.” She really lit into ol’ Rushbo, but honestly was she any more offensive than Rushbo himself? NOT.

And ooh… Speaking of offensive… There was Meghan McCain’s hissy that night too. Or was that just “dinner gossip.”

Aren’t there better things to get riled about than this stuff? How about the fact that over 40 million Americans don’t have health care. Now that pisses me off! Offensive comedy… It’s so trivial compared to the mess this country is in. We’re in a god damn recession. WTF?

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