Tragedy of War: Stressed Out Soldier Kills 4 and Self in Iraq (UPDATED)

Breaking News… NBC News reports that a U.S. soldier at Camp Liberty in Iraq “opened fire on fellow members of the military, killing four and wounding several others” before taking his own life.

The attacker was described as a “stressed out” U.S. soldier.

The military said in a statement that the shooting occurred about 2 p.m. at Camp Liberty near Baghdad International Airport.

No further details have emerged as of yet. This was Bush’s war. Bush’s war based on lies. He left the mess for Obama to clean up.

Tragic. Heartbreaking. Senseless.

UPDATE: New details have begun to emerge in this story… NBC and other news sources now report:

An American soldier opened fire in a “stress clinic” at Baghdad’s Camp Liberty and killed five American service members, NBC News reported Monday.

Contrary to earlier reports, the soldier did not kill himself but was overpowered and taken into U.S. custody. 

Military officials were continuing their investigation and were preparing charges against the soldier in custody.

StillTragic. Heartbreaking. Senseless.

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