On the Rise Again: Gas Prices

I’ve been doing a lot of driving in recent weeks, back and forth from the north eastern tip of Maine to the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border, and I have one more trip scheduled for the end of this week. Sadly, I have noticed as I have been logging a lot of miles on my frequent trips that gas prices are on the rise again.

AP News reports:

The price of gasoline in the U.S. jumped 25 cents a gallon during the past three weeks, but remains well below prices from a year ago.

The average price of regular gas across the nation on Friday was $2.30 a gallon. Up from $2.05 a gallon, on April 24, but still $1.49 a gallon “cheaper than at this time last year.” 

The price increase comes just in time to make summer plans for struggling families,  just a little more costly, in the midst of the recession.

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3 Responses to On the Rise Again: Gas Prices

  1. vulcanhammer says:

    Why do you think gas prices have gone up?

  2. vulcanhammer

    Supply and demand… prices usually rise some this time of year.

  3. Blue WA says:

    ‘Sigh’ It was just several months ago that a gallon of gas in these parts was $1.45.

    I almost had my take my picture next to pump just to remind myself of what gas could be!!

    Oh well, too late now – gas is at $2.41 a gallon and climbing…