Farewell Handsome Boy

My daughter’s beautiful cat Zeus passed away this morning. He was deeply loved by both of us and we will miss him…


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3 Responses to Farewell Handsome Boy

  1. YvonneCa says:

    Hi, Pamela…

    I’m just ‘checking in’ from Ca. to see how you are. 🙂 I’m really sorry to hear about your cat, Zeus (I love his name). It’s always very sad to lose a pet. Give Juliet my condolences, too.

    Hey, you’re moving a lot ? 🙂 I hope all is well.


  2. YvonneCa

    Thanks. I’ll be sure to tell Juliet. We moved down to MA, to the town next to my hometown. More opportunity here. Hope all is well with you.

  3. YvonneCa says:

    That’s nice that you’ll be close to home. Things are fine here…although the last year or so has been ‘challenging.’ I have a new grandson (that makes FOUR) and I went (with a cast of thousands) to President Obama’s fundraiser in Las Vegas yesterday. 🙂 Good luck in MA…