Iran… For What It’s Worth

Iran is spinning out of control. The whole world is watching as Stuart noted below.

Will Bunch posted this tonight… For What It’s Worth:

Shots were fired at the protests today and at least one person is reported to be dead. President Obama spoke on the situation there tonight with an “emphasis on non-violence“:

As Stuart also noted, Twitter is playing a major role in real time chatter from Iran, in fact their role is so big that they have re-scheduled downtime so they keep the Tweets coming.  The Lede kept a running blog of updates today from the ground but they left off with this:

Update | 7:03 p.m. The Lede will be back tomorrow morning with more updates. We leave you for the evening with the most recent plea from the Mousavi1388 Twitter feed:

    We have no national press coverage in Iran, everyone should help spread Mousavi’s message. One Person = One Broadcaster.

AP News reports tonight that “the opposition forces rallying behind Mousavi show no signs of backing down.” Stay tuned….

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