Iran: The Whole World Is Watching

There are Traditional Media on the ground in Iran including NBC, ABC and, if they haven’t been thrown out as was ordered yesterday, the BBC.

Yet we get more information directly from the site of demonstrations, meetings and rallies from the bloggers and tweeters that are on the ground.

Marc Ambinder suggests we approach this uncensored or verified flow of information in the same way a CIA analyst would. Be skeptical. Watch for other than contradict the first information. But also see when the tone and lack of contradiction may mean that you are getting real information.

Last night I followed @Change_for _Iran as he was with the crowd that tried to break out of their University grounds yet was trapped inside his dorm. His tone changed as he realized the Administration had brought in hired Arab Hesbolah guards to replace the Persian police. He became terrified of being captured by the Arabs. I haven’t seen him in many hours. I was very concerned for him last night and more today. [Update: He headed out to the Opposition rally and hasn’t been on Twitter for 12 hours. This isn’t a good sign.]

Here’s a partial list of all the people, and there’s a lot. on Twitter that are sending information, when they can find a feed or satellite, to us. As we said so many years ago, “The Whole World Is Watching”.

Iranians on Twitter during the june clashes
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Last updated: 15.june 18:44 GMT

For those of you following the june clashes in Iran on Twitter, theese guys are twittering directly from Iran: (And have done so within the last hour) (Added 15.june 18:44 GMT) (Added 15.june 18:44 GMT) (Added 15.june 18:30 GMT)

Users that have not twittered for +1 hour:

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