Perky Pest Resigns

Sarah Palin announced today that she was not running for re-election and stepping down from her office as Governor by the end of the month:

The top speculation is that Palin is resigning so that she can focus solely on running for the Republican nomination in 2012. But there’s plenty of other speculation too.

The full text of Palin’s resignation speech is available here. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Via Think Progress:

Max Blumental reports on The Daily Beast that Sarah Palin may have quit her job today because she was trying to avert a major, yet-to-be-disclosed corruption scandal.

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2 Responses to Perky Pest Resigns

  1. M. Mills says:

    This is proof that prayers can be answered.

  2. John Stone says:

    Wonderful news! I wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye?