Short Takes Without Jackson Or Palin


Reported by Michael Scherer of Time magazine “Medvedev and Obama: Sunshine in Moscow” Moscow Mission Day 1

Jake Tapper of ABC News  reports: POTUS and Putin aspire to get past “grayish moods”


Borzou Daragarhi- LA Times reports Revolutionary Guards publicly announce they have taken over national security in Iran during this period of “unrest”. <H/T to @LaraABCNews based in Dubai.>


URUMQI, China (Reuters) – Han Chinese armed with iron bars and machetes spilled down side streets and into the stairwell of an apartment building on Tuesday, looking for Muslim Uighur targets two days after bloody ethnic clashes killed 156 and wounded more than 1,000.

Jim Sciutto ABC News personal comment: “St. protests, deadly govt crackdown, photos on Web, cel and internet blockage. Sound familar? Chiina Xinjiang appears to channel Iran.”

Jim Siuttio ABCNew also reports: ” Like in Iran,Chinese Government haveing trouble blocking certain sites and keeping photos of the Han (ethnic minority but controlling power versus Uighur (Muslim ethnic minority) versus Uighur off the web.”

Susanne Ure, Amnesty International director in Canada, reports: “China’s Xinjiang province put under curfew. Clashes continue between protestors. ” Extended reporting here by CBC News of Canada.

and the world turns….

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