Sotomayor Hearing: Day One

Sotomayor Hearing:Day One
(Most quotes from reporters live micro-blogging the hearing.)

jaketapper (ABC): I found this pro-Sotomayor essay in the WP by her Princeton professor interesting >>
[This a far more inclusive look at the foundations of Judge Sotomayor than I have seen elsewhere. To understand who she is today you must understand her past and path. Read this for both past and path.]

pwire: Expect a lot of talking by senators today, but no questioning of Sotomayor… that doesn’t take place until Tuesday… [PoliticalWire]

DavidCornDC (Mother Jones): Sen. Kohl with a smart preemptive take: your life experience will impact, not overwhelm your judicial decisions. Good formulation

cbsandrewcohen(CBS Radio): Feingold: Finds shocking “suggestion that Sotomayor “will be biased against some litigants because of her racial and ethnic heritage.”

mikemadden: “Unless you have a complete meltdown, you’re going to be confirmed” — Sen. Lindsay Graham, speaking truth to #Sotomayor.

cbsandrewcohen: Most important Senator Whitehouse point: judges are SUPPOSED TO HAVE EMPATHY to protect downtrodden from tryanny of majority represented by pols.

cbsandrewcohen: Sen Coburn, from OKC, now speaking. Criticizing Dems who have blasted Roberts. He’s Senator who was doing crossword puzzle last time out.

cbsandrewcohen: Durbin now praising Sotomayor. Interesting how much cross talk there is between parties that has nothing to do with Soto.

hambypCNN: Kaufman: diverse groups “simply come to the right outcome more often than do non-diverse groups that may be just as talented.” #sotomayor

cbsandrewcohen: Senator Al Franken: I may not be a lawyer but neither are overwhelming majority of Americans but we all have huge stake in who sits on Supreme Court.

cbsandrewcohen: Sotomayor: “many Senators have asked me about my judicial philosophy. It is simple: fidelity to the law.”

And that about sums it up in my book. Day Two This evening.

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