Sotomayor Hearing: Day Two Part 1

Day Two Sotomayor Hearings

(Most posts from reporters live microblogging the hearing)

cbsandrewcohen: Morning Sotomayor trawl. @nytimes @latimes CSM: @slate

cbsandrewcohen: Morning Sotomayor trawl. @nytimes @latimes CSM: @slate
[Andrew Cohen is the lead legal reporter for CBS]

DukeStJournal: RT @GeraldFSeib: The Sotomayor hearings are a proxy for the broader ideological struggle underway in Washington.

cbsandrewcohen: This is silly. Leahy now has been asking his Ricci question for about three minutes. Stop talking, Senator, and let the judge speak.

mikemadden: Sotomayor: “It’s important to remember, as a judge, I don’t make law.” “I’ve prepared very well for these hearings,” she didn’t add.

cbsandrewcohen: Soto on Ricci: She says she was following precedent; says it wasn’t an affirmative action or quotas test.

hambypCNN: Leahy refers to “another leader in the other party” calling #Sotomayor a bigot. The name ‘Gingrich’ goes unspoken.

cbsandrewcohen: Leahy now asks Soto about “Wise Latina” comment. She says: “I was trying to inspire” young Latino and Latina lawyers to achieve.

cbsandrewcohen: Soto: I DO want to state that I do not believe that any group has an advantage in sound judgment.

cbsandrewcohen: Soto: I first decide what law requires under facts before me, and then explain to litigants why law requires a result, sympathetic or not.

cbsandrewcohen: Sessions says he’s very concerned that Soto’s comments today are opposite of what she has said before. She says she’s just being candid.

OKnox: #Sotomayor discussion of impartiality/objectivity/fairness ought to be required reading for aspiring journos. Fascinating.

OKnox: #Sotomayor First truly testy exchange between Sens Leahy and Sessions about who is misrepresenting past cases/remarks.

cbsandrewcohen: Sessions is finished and now Sen. Kohl is asking his questions. Each Senator gets 30 minutes and there are 19. 9.5 hours. Ick.

And so ends part 1 of 2nd day. More later.

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