Sotomayor Hearing: Day Two, Part 2

(Most posts are from reporters that are live microblogging the hearing. Also I’ve mixed in some trusted commentators.)

cbsandrewcohen: Kohl (D) notes that Sotomayor’s low reversal record suggests she is faithful to precedent.

cbsandrewcohen: Soto: “I don’t prejudge cases.” That’s going to be one of the headlines this morning.

cbsandrewcohen: Soto on Roe v. Wade: The Casey case reaffirmed the core of Roe and its now precedent of Supreme Court. No further comment. Kohl moves on.

cbsandrewcohen: Hatch now suggesting that Soto “hid” her ruling in Ricci by making it an unpublished ruling. Repeats lie that all 9 Justices overturned her.

cbsandrewcohen: Feinstein: does Constitution allow president to ignore certain parts of legislation he doesn’t believe he has a duty to obey.

cbsandrewcohen: Soto was asked direct question about signing statements. Her Response? Law lecture on Jackson’s famous test for presidential power. Lame.

poniewozik: Beauty of confirmation hearing for Senators: you get to bloviate for 30 mins without fear the subject will actually answer you. #sotoshow

cbsandrewcohen: Now 5-6 hours in it’s clear that Sotomayor’s ability to not answer questions is stronger than pol’s ability to ask new, creative ones. [Not sure I agree on this point. I thought she was pretty direct. I don’t, however, cover the courts for a living. S.O.]

hambypCNN: Feingold asks New Yorker #Sotomayor what she would say to rural and small town folks who might not have much in common with her [No answer published. S.O.]

cbsandrewcohen: RT@ABAJournal good catch. Sotomayor on Korematsu: “A judge should never rule from fear.”

joanwalsh: Sotomayor quotes Alito saying HE thinks about HIS background on the bench, nice shot!

hambypCNN: Kyl certainly pressed #Sotomayor on the race question. How will this play back home in Arizona, a state with surging Hispanic population?

cbsandrewcohen: Most substantive, real exchange of day just occurred between Kyl and Sotomayor. Believe her or not, she’s said her piece. And he did too.

DavidCornDC: Graham: is Constitution living document? Soto: it’s immutable, “it doesn’t live other than 2 B timeless” Society changes #sotomayor

hambypCNN: Graham taking an interesting tack here. Asking open-ended, direct questions and letting #Sotomayor talk. [I think that’s called being legit. S.O.]

ktumulty: Lindsey Graham just told #sotomayor he likes her and may vote for her. Anyone taking odds?

craig_crawford: What’s with Lindsey Graham’s gotcha smirk? These GOPers just not hip to the political fallout of treating Sotomayor like a child. #sotomayor

kimbrlykrautter: Stupid parliamentarian parlor tricks by Lindsay Graham in his #Sotomayor questioning. Infuriating!

mikemadden: Lindsey Graham’s questions to #Sotomayor were, basically: Why does everyone hate you? Aren’t you lucky you’re not white? Isn’t al-Qaida bad?

mikemadden: And yet… he also says “I like you” and is probably going to vote “yes” on her nomination. It’s a weird world, the U.S. Senate.

cbsandrewcohen: Sen. Durbin now speaking. Pointing out that GOP focusing upon only handful of Soto’s hundreds of speeches over decades in service.

mikemadden: Apparently Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a closed-door session with #Sotomayor, where Leahy says they’ll “go over the FBI report.”

And so endth Part 2 of the second day of the Judge Sotomayor confirmation hearings. More soon.

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