Prescribing Cake to Cure the Health Care Crisis

Marie Antoinette, contrary to popular opinion, never said a solution for the starving masses of revolutionary France in the late 18th century was, “Let them eat cake.” But, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) apparently said something close to it. At a public meeting, one of Grassley’s constituents asked him, “Why is … Continue reading

A Secret History of Neil Armstrong

Finally, somebody’s paying attention to the Moon landing, 40 years ago, today. Over the past several years of blogs, I have tried to keep some remembrance of our most profound anniversary, a future holiday perhaps, on a par with the discovery and taming of fire: the species’ first extraterrestrial landing. … Continue reading

Healthcare Plan… It’s A Work In Progress

“The United States is the only developed nation that does not have a comprehensive national health care plan for all its citizens” — so let’s not gum up the works when we’ve finally reached the moment when we can change that.