Highway Agency Wanted Total Cell Phone Ban on Roads

I don’t believe that anyone should use a cell ph0ne while driving. California was ahead of the game on this one, but apparently¬†“seven years ago, the federal National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration recommended that drivers not use cell phones, even with hands-free equipment, while on the road except in emergencies.”

The proposals from the agency in 2002 and 2003 were only made public Tuesday by The Center for Auto Safety and Public Citizen, two public interest groups that filed a lawsuit to obtain the documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

The NY Times reported on Tuesday that “the recommendation was never made public, in part because of concern by administrators that public officials, including members of Congress, would be angry, thinking that the agency had “crossed the line into lobbying.””

Excerpts from the findings of the NHTSA’s cell phone-and-driving-related reports can be found here. None of this saw the light of day under the Bush administration and the Republican control Congress at the time of the report. My guess is no one wanted to buck the cell phone industry which is a huge racket, in my opinion. I consider my cell phone to be a neccessary evil at this point, an expense I would prefer not to have.

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