Cell Phones and Driving

“Hey stupid! Drop the cell phone and drive“:

While heroic politicians all over America are mandating bicycle helmets, it’s still legal to drive 4,000 pounds of steel 60 miles an hour while your brain is turned to the moron setting.[…]

Here’s some more numbers for you: Motorists talking on a phone are four times as likely to crash as other drivers, and are as likely to cause an accident as someone with a 0.08 blood alcohol content, according to research. Do you even want to think about your loved ones cruising around with a road full of texters?

It’s time for politicians to take action on this issue!

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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One Response to Cell Phones and Driving

  1. Nick says:

    Preach Sister Pamela Preach.
    I see this all the time in Metro DC and I gotta say I’m sick of it. People who talk on the phone while driving drive me nuts (though I admit I am guilty of said practice though I haven’t done it for months). As a father of a one year old son I gotta say, “People you are not at home or in your office!” If you think you are in the office then you’ve lost touch with reality. If your lost pull over. Drunk drivers are rightly punished for compromising their behind the wheel agility-why shouldn’t those who have compromised their behind the whell agility just as much?