“Where does reporting end and advocacy begin?”

“What’s happened to objective journalism?” an old newspaper buddy of mine lamented the other day. My former sidekick – a news reporter turned editor who’s now in marketing — was complaining about what was billed as a non-partisan “informational” health care forum in our Kentucky hometown. A local Fox Radio affiliate … Continue reading

After a Somber Week Something New: BBQ Butt Beer Can Chicken

I’ve been laid up for a couple days with knee surgery and getting outside, even on sticks, to get some BBQ sounds great. The idea started with @ktumulty ( journalist with her own blog at Time magazine) and her call on Twitter for receipes for Beer Can Chicken. Apparently she … Continue reading

Taps for Ted

A lone bugler played Taps as Senator Ted Kennedy was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetary next to his brothers John and Bobby. Ted Kennedy was “the soul of the Democratic Party, and the lion of the United States Senate.” It was a long and sorrow filled day. My heart … Continue reading

Senator John Kerry Speaks at Celebration of Life Memorial Service for Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) spoke this evening at the Celebration of Life Memorial Service for Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Kerry’s speech was a moving and very touching tribute to a man who meant so much to Senator Kerry and so many here in Massachusetts, America and the world. The following is … Continue reading

Thousands Line Up to Pay Last Respects to Senator Kennedy

Motorists pulled over along the route of the Kennedy procession to Boston today. Thousands are reported to be lined up to pay their last respects to the good Senator from Massachusetts who passed away after a 15 month battle with brain cancer. @Kennedynews on Twitter noted an hour ago: “As … Continue reading

President Obama Will Deliver Eulogy at Kennedy’s Funeral

The Boston Globe reported earlier that “President Barack Obama will deliver a eulogy at US Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s funeral Mass on Saturday.” Kennedy’s funeral will be held at a time yet to be determined Saturday morning at The Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the Mission Hill … Continue reading