Senate Field Hinges on Joe Kennedy’s Decision

Via The Boston Globe: With Massachusetts having paid its final respects to Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the politics of succession begins in earnest this week – candidates will emerge, a race will take shape, and the Kennedy clan will have to reveal whether it wants to keep the seat in the family. All eyes now are on Joseph P. Kennedy II, the former US representative, with family members and political allies expecting him to make a decision very shortly on whether to enter the Democratic primary. No other Kennedy of his generation with the political stature to step into the role has signaled interest in it, according to Democratic insiders and people close to the family. Longtime Democratic media consultant … Continue reading

“Where does reporting end and advocacy begin?”

“What’s happened to objective journalism?” an old newspaper buddy of mine lamented the other day. My former sidekick – a news reporter turned editor who’s now in marketing — was complaining about what was billed as a non-partisan “informational” health care forum in our Kentucky hometown. A local Fox Radio affiliate was the sponsor. This ex-news reporter turned feature writer and opinion columnist is now a history teacher. So I suggested Republican friendly Fox 2009 looks a lot like the Fourth Estate of 1809. Two centuries ago, the press was almost completely partisan. Jeffersonians read Jeffersonian papers that slanted the news their way. Likewise, Federalist partisans read Federalist papers that pushed their party’s agenda. There was no wall of separation between news … Continue reading

After a Somber Week Something New: BBQ Butt Beer Can Chicken

I’ve been laid up for a couple days with knee surgery and getting outside, even on sticks, to get some BBQ sounds great. The idea started with @ktumulty ( journalist with her own blog at Time magazine) and her call on Twitter for receipes for Beer Can Chicken. Apparently she got overloaded with ideas including my contributions using a You Tube and Food Network receipe. Use the You Tube below for a fine result! [BTW: BBQ to me isn’t smothering stuff with thick BBQ sauce. I’m referring to open flame or slow heat cook outside on a grill. I mention this as a friend just said they don’t like BBQ because the sauce is always too thick.] I love the … Continue reading

Taps for Ted

A lone bugler played Taps as Senator Ted Kennedy was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetary next to his brothers John and Bobby. Ted Kennedy was “the soul of the Democratic Party, and the lion of the United States Senate.” It was a long and sorrow filled day. My heart goes out to Vickie Reggie Kennedy, the Kennedy clan and all of Senator Kennedy’s friends and loved ones.

Senator John Kerry Speaks at Celebration of Life Memorial Service for Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) spoke this evening at the Celebration of Life Memorial Service for Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Kerry’s speech was a moving and very touching tribute to a man who meant so much to Senator Kerry and so many here in Massachusetts, America and the world. The following is the text of Senator Kerry’s speech as prepared for delivery:

Thousands Line Up to Pay Last Respects to Senator Kennedy

Motorists pulled over along the route of the Kennedy procession to Boston today. Thousands are reported to be lined up to pay their last respects to the good Senator from Massachusetts who passed away after a 15 month battle with brain cancer. @Kennedynews on Twitter noted an hour ago: “As of 11:30 pm, the wait to pay respects to Sen. Kennedy is now estimated at four hours.” Some late night links: The WaPo has a really touching piece on Kennedy’s staff, former and present who were as loyal to him as he was to them: Late Senator’s Staff Became The Other Kennedy Family. Mike Taibbi explains on MSNBC: Why Boston Backed Teddy Kennedy. Via the NY Times: Massachusetts Mourns a … Continue reading