Franken Takes on Pickens

Good for Senator Al Franken for taking on T Boone Pickens when no one else at the Democratic Policy lunch would:

Five years after he put his money behind the Swift Boat ads that helped tank John Kerry’s presidential campaign, Senate Democrats gave T. Boone Pickens a warm welcome at their weekly policy lunch Thursday. 

Or at least most of them did.[…] 

Sen. Al Franken managed to make time for the lunch — but then let Pickens have it afterward. 

According to a source, the wealthy gas magnate and author of “The First Billion Is the Hardest” stepped up to introduce himself to Franken in a room just off the Senate Floor after the lunch ended Franken, who was seated talking to someone else, did not stand when Pickens said hello. Instead, Franken began to berate him about the billionaire’s financing of the Swift Boat ads in 2004. 

Hello? What the hell was Pickens doing there any how?

Maybe the memories are short with the rest of the Senate Democrats that were at the luncheon, but at least Al Franken remembers and wasn’t willing to sit by and play nice with the man responsible for swift boating John Kerry.

Democrats buying T Boone’s song and dance need to think about this… If T Boone was so freakin’s concerned about America’s “foreign oil dependency problem that he believes is a national security and economic crisis” at this point in time, he helped propel that problem by helping George W. Bush get re-elected in 2004. T Boone only cares about lining T Boone’s pockets.

Al Franken gets it. Shame on the rest for welcoming T Boone to the table.

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2 Responses to Franken Takes on Pickens

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  2. John Stone says:

    Pickens is just trying to make money for himself, as always!
    Good for Al Franken for telling him off! John Kerry won the 2004 Election( see Uncounted Votes Movie)

    This country would be a lot better off today if John Kerry had been President.

    John Kerry is a patriot and a statesman.

    Thank You Al Franken!